JOB POSTING - Animal Control Officer (ACO)/Animal Inspector

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The Town of East Bridgewater is looking for a highly skilled Animal Control Officer (ACO) to protect the safety of the public and the welfare of animals by performing tasks related to the enforcement of the town bylaws and applicable state laws and regulations relating to animals and all other related work as required in the attached job description.  The ACO will also be responsible for the Animal Inspector duties and responsibilities, which includes kennel and barn inspections according to Massachusetts General Law chapter 140, sections 136A-174E.


The ACO is a non-exempt town employee, who will work under the supervision of the police department but who is not a sworn police officer. The ACO shall enforce all Massachusetts general laws and/or by laws of the Town of East Bridgewater pertaining to animals. Enforcement methods shall be dependent upon the severity of the violation and at the discretion of the ACO with guidance and direction from the police department.  The ACO must comply with police department policy related to Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) standards, including attaining CJIS Certification and successfully completing a criminal background check.

The ACO shall perform field duties, including, but not limited to the following; responsible for addressing animal issues in his/her department authorized motor vehicle designed for transporting animals; responsible for maintaining a daily record of activities, reports and records of animal bites, telephone calls, lost/found animals including records of animals impounded, adopted, redeemed, relinquished and destroyed; utilize appropriate radio communications procedures; wear a modified department issued uniform and maintain a neat appearance; investigate complaints relating to animal nuisances or dog bites, and attempt to locate such animals; issue citations ordinances for failure to comply with state laws and Town by-laws; captures suspected rabid and/or unrestrained vicious animals retrieves sick or injured animals from public property; will communicate and act as liaison with Environmental Police Department, including for wildlife, fox and/or coyote issues; transport animals to designated animal shelters; investigates reports of neglect and cruelty to animals; responds to and provides proper disposition of cases regarding animal complaints; may testify in court or at other formal hearings as required regarding enforcement of state laws, citations and/or Town Ordinances and disposition of complaints; examine animal licenses and inspect establishments housing animals (kennels) for compliance of applicable laws, inspect establishments to ensure compliance with security and/or safety regulations; examine personal documentation to ensure it is valid; provide transport to injured, sick or orphaned wildlife; report sick or injured rabid vector wildlife to MA wildlife and/or Environmental Police; remove deceased animals from roadways (with exception of deer and/or coyote); clean equipment and facilities; supply animals with food, water, and personal care as needed; performs accounting functions as it relates to yearly budgets and monthly accounting including office related work and processing; traps feral cats for spay and neuter controls with local feline agencies; facilitate a contract and/or agreement with a local facility that can assist the town for compliance with the housing of animals that the Town of East Bridgewater is mandated by laws and/or by-laws to house; perform other duties as assigned;


The position will work an average of 16 hours per week. Flexible hours are part of the position. Shall be available on-call, 24-hours per day, provide on-call emergency service on evenings, weekends, and holidays as required.

The salary range is $19.00 - $23.00 per hour depending on experience. Please submit a cover letter and resume to or The Town of East Bridgewater Selectmen’s Office, 175 Central Street, East Bridgewater, MA 02333.