Town of East Bridgewater to Celebrate 200th Anniversary, Seeks Community Input on Festivities


Town of East Bridgewater to Celebrate 200th Anniversary, Seeks Community Input on Festivities

EAST BRIDGEWATER -- Selectmen David Sheedy and the Bicentennial Committee are pleased to announce that the Town of East Bridgewater will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its founding next year and is seeking input from residents on plans for the celebration.

The Town of East Bridgewater was officially incorporated on June 14, 1823, in the area formerly known as the "East Parish." In 1649, at Sachem Rock, Wampanoag Chieftain Massasoit (Ousamequin), signed a document deeding land, which became the basis of Olde Bridgewater, to Myles Standish, Samuel Nash, and Constant Southworth. This historic document can be viewed at the Old Bridgewater Historical Society.

The 200th anniversary celebration, a bicentennial, will be celebrated through a series of events beginning in January 2023 and lasting through December. The celebration will place particular emphasis on the past 50 years of East Bridgewater's history.

The Bicentennial Committee will hold a meeting on Monday, June 6, at 6 p.m. in the first-floor main conference room of Town Hall, 175 Central St., to garner input about the festivities. Local businesses, residents and anyone who would like to get involved are invited to attend.

Any local groups that wish to be part of the celebration are encouraged to contact the Bicentennial Committee at bicentennial@eastbridgewaterma.govor 508-378-1600 so that their ideas may be incorporated into the celebration.

"We are thrilled to begin preparations for celebrating this milestone in the town's history, which will surely take a lot of hard work and efforts from many members of the community," Bicentennial Committee Member Tom Turner said. "Community input will help to make it a truly memorable historical celebration that reflects the visions of all our residents."

In 1973, the town celebrated its 150th anniversary, a sesquicentennial, with elaborate celebrations with the help of community organizations. Anyone interested in learning more about the history of East Bridgewater from 1823-1973 is encouraged to read David Wilson’s "The East Bridgewater Sesquicentennial."

For further information or questions, please visit www.eastbridgewaterma.govor contact the Board of Selectmen office.