Assessors Office
Fiscal Year 2021 tax rate = $17.05


The East Bridgewater Board of Assessors would like to remind residents that their property record cards are available for viewing through the Property Record Cards or by visiting the Assessors' office. To Access Property Record Cards You Must Download Adobe Reader.


Assessors maps, in pdf format, may be accessed under the "Frequently Asked Questions" by clicking on "Assessors Maps".  GIS maps may be accessed through the "Maps Online" link to the left.


The East Bridgewater Assessing Department consists of an elected 3 member Board of Assessors, including a chairman, a clerk and a member. The office staff consists of the Director of Assessing, the Assistant Assessor, the Principal Clerk and the Senior Clerk. 

The core responsibility of the Assessing Department is the yearly revaluation of all real and personal property located within East Bridgewater. Assessors are required by Massachusetts state law to assess all property at its full and fair market value as of January 1 of each year. The department is responsible for the maintenance of all property tax data records and maintains accurate parcel ownership data based upon recorded property transactions at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. There are approximately 5,400 parcels of residential real estate, 200 parcels of agricultural and 350 parcels of commercial and industrial in East Bridgewater. Collaborating with other town departments, assessment records are reviewed annually to reflect new construction, fire damage, demolition or rehabilitation. 

In addition, there are just over 200 personal property accounts which are reviewed with the business owners via the Form of List (aka State Tax Form 2) required by State Law to be filed annually by March 1. All taxable personal property owned, held, or leased should be listed. (M.G.L. Chapter 59,  Section 29)

Motor vehicle excise bills are generated by the State Registry of Motor Vehicles.  As a vehicle owner, it is to your benefit to ensure your address information is correct and that you process transfer and plate cancellations in a timely manner. Abatement applications for exicse tax may be found in the "Additional Links" above or obtained from the Assessors office. Information regarding the sale of the vehicle and plate return receipt or new registration if transferred must be included with the application.

Also, assessors must review and process personal exemptions which are a type of tax credit for qualified taxpayers, and qualify the applications of charitable organizations and agricultural/forest/recreational properties. Click on the links above to go to the pages on our web site dedicated to these exemptions.

The Assessing Department staff both via our website and at our office offer taxpayer services, including:

  • Information - including explanations of tax bills, abatements and exemptions programs, change of mailing address forms, exemption information and applications, and motor vehicle excise tax, and general informational publications;
  • Assistance including accepting and help completing exemption applications, abating excise taxes, and parcel information;
  • Problem Solving - referral to "expert" assistance in either Assessing or Collector/Treasurer office, for the resolution of CURRENT fiscal year tax bill payments, and personal and real estate abatement processing.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Paula Wolfe Director of Assessing
Sherrie Lea Bates Assistant Assessor
Marilyn Klim Principal Clerk
Sheila DaSilva Senior Clerk

Board Members

Steven R Solari


Curtis Gluck


David Lincoln Phillips