Town Administrator

The primary duty of the Town Administrator is the day-to-day administration of the general government and to assist in the formulation and implementation of policy.

The Board of Selectmen appoints a Town Administrator who functions as the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer. The primary duties of the Town Administrator shall be the day-to-day administration of the general government as outlined in the position’s job description and serves as the Town's Chief Procurement Officer for Goods and Services.  The Town Administrator will also assist and work under the direction of the Selectmen in the formulation of policy.

The Town Administrator must maintain a close working relationship with all members of the Board of Selectmen. He shall regularly brief the Board on all important issues.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Rebecca Johnson Assistant to Town Administrator / BOS (508) 378-1601
Ly Nguyen Principal Clerk (508) 378-1601
Charles Seelig Town Administrator (508) 378-1601