The snowplow hit my mailbox

During plowing operations, mailboxes, fences, and other objects in the road layout may be damaged. Most times, this damage results from the snow coming off the plow and hitting the objects and not the plow itself. It is uncommon for the plow to strike the object physically. Neither the Department of Public Works nor the Town of East Bridgewater is responsible for any damages to these objects during normal plow operations. Most of the time, the mailbox (or other objects) is on Town property. This includes any object within the road layout, including but not limited to: mailboxes, stonewalls,  fences, basketball hoops, vegetation, recycling bins, driveway aprons that extend into the travel lane, whiskey barrels, or other planters, and any other personal property.

We recommend temporarily moving these and any other objects away from the road if we are forecasted to receive more than 2 inches of snow.